Sunday, July 31, 2011

1st of August, Beeginning of the Week and a Brand NEW Year... ;O)

Tomorrow starts the first day of August, the beginning of a new week, a new month and a new year.  What I mean by a new year, is a new year added to my age ~ Yessirreee, I will be a young 51 on the 17th of this month.  They say when you turn 50 you enter your golden years, well I beg to differ on that ... You see, for me it seems things weren't that way mine started out tarnish ~ a month before I hit the BIG "5" "0" I began a year of many losts, a year of tests, a year of disarray, a year of tears, a year of depression, and a year of despair.

The past year can be looked at as an analogy to a purse/pocketbook ~ When you set up your purse/pocketbook everything is neat, tidy and in order but as time goes by... you throw a receipt in from this store and that store... your earrings that you were wearing one breaks so you take both of them off and into the purse for safe keeping, you go to get lunch at a fast food drive through, the employee gives you the change and PLOP it goes into your pocketbook... you run into an old friend and you both exchange telephone numbers and addresses and BING the paper goes, yes into the purse with everything else.

Before you know it your nice tidy little purse/pocketbook isn't that way anymore ~ You're afraid to open it up in public because something might fall out or you'd be embarrassed if someone saw the inside of it..  So you snap it shut hoping that NO ONE asks you to open it up again...

You see the purse "like my Life" can be sorted, straighten, removing and letting go of things to lighten the weight of the purse overall bringing the purse back to where it started.  When letting things go it brings on a good feeling - knowing that you can leave some of these things at home or letting go completely and moving on with your Life.

Well I beelieve that I've gotten my purse/pocketbook back to were I can open up without fear & the weight of it is definitely manageable...  it doesn't weigh me down anymore.   All in all, I like and am proud of my Life/purse .  I have many many things to be thankful for and know that my LIFE aka purse runneth over with blessings.  There are a few folks that truly helped me through this time and I will bee forever in their debt ~ a debt that I am glad and happy to have, because they don't realize how valuable their time, love and caring meant to me...

With that all said ~ I've decided to do a 365 Creative Journal of this year journey to CELEBRATE the year that is ahead of me up till the next 1st day of August... this journey will bee shown & posted in on an older blOZ that I had called ... My first creative venture for tomorrow will be creating a new banner for this blOZ... Note ~ I know that I started a journey with doing bEes in it ~ this Journey/Journal will also have a bEe on the piece that I create ~ it's like the book "Where's Waldo" well in this case it will bEe "Where's the bEe"... It might bEe there right in front of you or it might be hidden some where on the piece... The reason for the two blOZs is so that I can keep control of the entries and make sure that I'm on the move with creating too...

You will also notice little notes on the bottom of the post... this is for my friend Tricia ~ who is hosting "40 day challenge exercise" which I will bee participating in.  Since I'm on vacation from Face Book till after Labor Day I can't post my going ons with the challenge there.  So Tricia will be keeping track of me on the blOZ... 

Phewwww ~ I think I've said a mouth full and then some... I'm going to call it a night... Thank you for taking in all I said... its a lot but I know I can do it...

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs!
God Bless~

Mizz "V". Birthdays In Mind, My LAST Swap N" One Green Apple

This is off to a Gal who name starts with a "V"
It's a collage of a box for a swap that Amy of was hosting,
In the theme of *Birthdays*
This I might add is my second box... you see the first one I started wasn't the one for her.

Once I saw the box that Mizz "V" made me (see below)
I said to myself this isn't the one, I didn't think mine wasn't just right.
So back to drawing board I went and began another box.

this one took a longggggg time to finally be completed.
But I didn't stop there...
I said to myself ~ what's a Birthday Theme Swap without a party..
So again I went back to the drawing board..

Presto Bingo I made a cake (not a real one b/c it wouldn't travel well)
Then came the Party Hat which turned into a Birthday Tiara
What better place to store the Tiara but in a cake ;O)

I must say to U' all out there in blOZ & FaceBook Land,
that I LOVE my Birthday Theme Collage Box from Mizz "V"
With ALL the lovely details that she created for ME!
Even a teenie tiny "BEE" ;O)
It blows my mind to see ~ all the sweet little treasure that there are placed inside..

Oh, beefore I forget there are many more party treats
that are going to Mizz "V"... I didn't want to give all the surprises away,
You must stop by her blOZ to see
if she shows them to you on her blOZ at
I truly hope that she likes them too.

This little GREEN apple came from "MY" Grannie Smith Apple Tree
I planted it in honor of my "Auntie" Joanne Smith
when I first moved here which was nine years this past April...
It's a mighty fine tree & I can see more apples that will bee coming my way...

Auntie loved to make apple pies and bake...
This August 17th she would have been 65 years young..
We both cELeBraTeD our BIRTHDAYs on the same day..
I know that she is smiling from heaven above and thinking wouldn't that bee just grand in an apple pie, but instead I will bee making a mini apple crisp with it ;O)

Maybe by the 17th I'll have enough apples to make a very small pie;O)
adding a candle to a slice & singing 'Happy Birthday" to us...

Off to enJOY the rest of Sunday...
will bee back later with some more news...

Have a honey of a day ~
may sweet things come your way!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"WHO" Feet Are These? Only The Shadow Knows...

Hello All... it is ME that beelong to these feet...  I've been keeping myself bizzy and enJOYing the summer... and my toes & feet are loving the sand...

In less than a month, I will bee turning a young 51... can't say that 50 was a good year, actually I would have to say it's been one of my worse - right up there with the years of 1968, 1994 and 2007... these are the years I lost loved ones - On a happier note, one of the activities and enjoyable times I had was with a group of gals at "Art in the Garden"... Our hostess Sallianne as always treated us gals to a grand day, had a lovely lunch and great entertainment by the 2 men in her life - her husband Neil and her son & my friend Mighty Max ;O) ...

Our teacher was the Talented , Creative & Fashion Diva Kecia - as always she taught a super class... She taught us the technique of using resin on our project and putting together our lovely necklaces (some gals are making their's into wall hangings)... see below our finished beeauties... 

okay to get back on track why the years are symbolic to my piece it's beecause these are the years I lost my mom, Auntie and Grandma... each one are the wind beeneath my wings and the word on my heart is "mother" b/c each were women who not only were moms to me (mom, god mother who raised me and my grandmother) but they were all special to me in there unique way, these gals will always bee in my heART...(the real one & the art)

For the Moms In My LIFE... The Wind Beeneath My Wings

"The Gals of "Art in the Garden"
Max & Sallianne are beehind me ;O)
 On to next super adventure ~ it was beeing with my family on the beach Wednesday & getting to see my cousins in they're swim races ...  I got to spend time with my Aunt Min & Cuz' Bridget (they are Reardons too) who are both up from down south (SC & VA) and on they're way to Maine.  I also hung out with the Reardon's (mom Cathy, Dad Chris, Michael, Emily, Megan & yes Matthew) who are my cousins..they own the Cabana at the beach club that we're hanging at... mind you I used to baby sit all these kiddos, now every single one of them are taller than me ~ yikesss! I'm beecoming my Grandma who was the shortest in the family ~ too funny.. We had a great time and made some great memories..

Last but not least this is the place were I might bee... enjoying my garden, having fun with the pup boyz and thinkin of things to create... oh yeah and I hang out with this WISE guy too... So you see there is a LIFE that I am enjoying and it's Facebook free... Actually today I'm spending a lot of time in doors, since the weather is terribly brutal... I only live 15 minutes from the beach above and I don't even feel like venturing out to it cause its to darn hot...

Well I hope that the weather is nice by were you live... and that you too are enJOYing your LIFE and doing fun things..

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs!

Just Two Out Of A Few Things ~ That Are Beeing Sent To A Gal That Name Starts With A "V"


and Two

More photos to follow tomorrow...

See you later alligator

Toodles Noodles

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Where This Blogger Creates" 2 Special Places - "Rosie Posie Cottage" & A Mini Room That Is My Art Studio 2

Hello!... Welcome! Come on in and see the place "Where I Hide & Create".... it has a little magic in it and let's you dREaM of all the things would like to create & bee... It's a place where I can say "hErE i bEe ME" ... I know that some of you don't even have one room to call your own to create, but I know you must have an area that is special so that your creativity can flow and something beeautiful is created... I can say, I am Blessed to have two spots to let the creativity juices flow, plus I must admit I carry my creativity to two other rooms in my tiny cottage that I live in ~the kitchen & the living room... the extension of my creativity doesn't stop there I love creating little groupings, scenes, unusual settings, love color and much much more...

Let me stop carrying on, and show you around these special places of mine... I hope you enJOY what you see and I hope that you come back and visit me whenever you want... my door is always open and there's usually a pot of coffee on or the tea kettle is boiling some water for a grand cup of tea.  Please don't bee shy leave a comment for me and I will make it a point to stop and say "HI"..

Let's beegin... my teenie tiny mini art cottage is called "rOSiE pOsIE's a tiny little spot in my mini yard... Not only it is my art cottage but it 1/4 of a storage area... come on in and take a look around...

I made it a spot, where not only can I create but I can read, rest & pray... I made a little sitting area with a fake (but magical to me) fire place and a shelf aka mantel over it... the shelf will actually bee holding a variety of ribbons.. I made it out of two brackets that hold the shelf in place but has holes for the pole that will soon hold ribbons... 

Above the mantel is a mirror that brings in more light for me...because you see the shed still doesn't have electricity or windows... I have a heavy duty lime green extension cord that brings much needed power for all the twinkle lights, hot glue gun, heat gun, lamps and much more... I love the look of the twinkle lights it reminds me of the lightening bugs outside...
As you can see I have 9 very large drawers that hold A LOT of my supplies, plus I have added different out of the ordinary storage holders (the pink kitchen bin, the stack of boxes, the space with curtains on it is to store larger items and my stool which needs a make over & more) there are shelves and other things here and there... Its great to have a variety of containers to hold those "I don't know where this should go item"... love my vintage pencil sharper that was left from the previous owners and all my vintage garden or children's books (there are a lot more books in my art room inside) a bulletin board that needs inspirational pics and quotes on it...yes a PINK tree which I just love... and more knic knacs around the space... and yes that is a mannequin in the corner with a crown surround by things with bEes I have a liking for take a look around and we will continue the tour in the art room.  Hope you're enjoying what you see so far...

The "heART room" I'm going to go through quick... it's a kaleidoscope of all things I love... I love being surrounded by colors, vintage children books & drawings, dolls, LARGE bulletin (made by me from a very large frame spray painted white with cork squares added in the inside of the frame...twinkle lights glare and yes a white Christmas tree too (I'm a firm beeliever that you should carry a piece of Christmas Spirit in your heART all year long)...bookshelves and another fireplace mantel but this time its the real thing... many different colors, shapes and sizes of furniture and containers to hold all... well I must say this is a lot to take in....  I hope that you enJOY my little spaces to CREATE and I can't wait to come and see your special spaces too~

Have a honey of a day ~
May sweet things come your way!