Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Is Not The Only Event With A Crown/Tiara

It's going to bee a Royal gathering at Parcel...

I'll be meeting with my friend Nancy from "PARCEL"
to go over the selection of Tiaras/Crowns
that a Royal Gal can make for 
her mom, a friend or for herself...

If you want to get a peek of PARCEL
please visit my post from the other day...
it will definitely put you in a happy & a creative way..

So if you get the chance,
please stop by
and tell Nancy that
mIzZ bEe sent U...

Have a honey of a night ~
sweet dreams!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What R U UP 2 Today? Things 2 bEe Finish...Are Things I Want 2 Do Today ......

What R U Up 2 Today ~ Wednesday

Hello There...well it took me all morning to hopefully fix the problem I've been having with my computer...  do you just have one of those days, where you want to pick up your computer and through it out the window, well today is my day... but "no can do" on that one, beecause I wouldn't bee able to type this blOZ to you to see "What I am up 2 today"...
Do you ever start anything, and something seems to get in the way and beefore you know it you didn't finish your project or you just lost your creativity for that Divine creation that you were making...  Yessirree ~ I have many of those unfinished "Label" projects... that I am going to try to finish one or two today... 

First one you see is a painting that I did of 2 cute birdies and a rabbit who is beeing nosey...  he is waiting to see who is going to come out of the tree...  I did 3/4 of the painting and realize I didn't like that I didn't paint the background ~ so off it went to the "Land Of Not Finish"  I would like to continue it and add a color for the background carefully...Then here and there add a bEe or two and a butterfly too...  Once done I would love to submit my two chickadees to "Brave Girl Club" pictures of birds... keep your fingers crossed that I succeed.

Now on to the next "Not Finish~ee" ...this too is a painting/mix media that I was going to put into a auction for the "Downey Side Organization".. Its a place where children from the ages of 7 to 17 are placed in homes for adoption... the painting was going to bee called "There Is No Place Like Home" but sure enough it was cast off to the "Land of Not Finish"....but you see I think there is a reason that I truly didn't finish this, it's beecause my dREaM of "hONeY cOmB cOTtaGe" is this hive and I need to personalize it the way I see it in my mind and dREaM...ahhhh now this is going to bee interesting once its done...

This item that you see is a picture that you just color in... I started it but didn't finish it... you say to yourself all you have to do is color it...but there is a madness to my coloring...it has to flow the right way and to boot I would like to shrink it and add it to a swap that I am in ~ this should bEe on the top of my list...which I will do as soon as I finish typing to you..

Last but not least, is my mannequin... it a self image of ME... I turned the whopping number "50" the Golden Age just this past August... and for some odd and strange reason I've been making a lot of things golden...  this too is a priority to bee finish...beecause there is a PURE madness to my crazy mannequin... I would love to have her done so that she can bee displayed when the "Royal Tea" is served for the Royal Wedding... and yes I will bee there in my Royal Garments & Crown that I will bee making while the wedding is beeing televised here in the States at my little "Crazy Daisy Cottage"... so stay tuned and watch as these creative makings of mine come to an "The End" and I will bee able to say that I finished all of them...

Have a Honey of a day ~
May Sweet Things Come Your Way...

Birds, Bees, Bunnies and Chick (a-dees) Put A Little Spring Into My Step ~ Day 43

"A Dreary Day Can Melt Away With All This Bright & Cheerfulness"
PARCEL Its The Place To Get Happy
Enjoy The Pictures
I Know That When You Leave My blOZ
Your Have A Smile On Your Face..

Have a honey of a night
Sweet Dreams

Monday, April 18, 2011

1, 2, 3 Posts Beehind ~ day 40, 41, 42

"day 40 ~ was a little lazy ...doodle this little gal "bee who U want to bee"

"day 41 ~ heloooo can it bee me?"

"day 42 ~ once you find you're wings you can bee all that you want to bee and soar"

Little confession, beetween the computer not properly working & ...
I had two showers/parties to bee at...
one in the evening and the other in the another in afternoon
I didn't post me daily doses
but they were done on time its just that computer wise I beecame lazy..
so I do apologize for my tardiness
I hope you like what these
three days brought in

Have a honey of a night
sweet dreams~

Friday, April 15, 2011

bEe YOUniQUe ~ day 39

"bEe YOUniQuE"

Have a honey of a night
sweet dreams!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

qUEeN bEe meets pRiNcE fRoG goes to His Pod to have Royal Tea "ATC Card Made by ME" ~ 38

"qUEeN bEe meets pRIncE fRoG"
can this bee the beeginning of a happy ending....

Have a honey of a night
sweet dreams

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodies & bEes Oh My....~ Day 37

The day started off in a low key...especially since I didn't finally fall asleep until about 3:00 am this morning..  Had a lot lingering on my mind that I couldn't shake away, so that I could visit "dREaM LaND"...  why's that ~  nights that you can't sleep you get up early... hmmmm there must bee some logic to method of madiness of a sleep pattern.... 

Had two important appointments today, so I needed to stop fretting about not getting any rest... One to my foot doctor and the other to motor vehicles to register my Lovely Yellow Lemon Bug....  Mind you I still can't drive but low and beehold my friend Robin is always there to chauffeur me around to were ever it made bee that I need to go (and this is in between all the running around that she has to do for her family & herself)... I treated her to brunch beefore the appointments than off we went, laughing all the way too and fro...after all was said and done she dropped me off and went her merry way...

As I approach my little cottage, I notice two packages were awaiting me...one was square and the other was an large envelope...happy was I ~ knowing that these weren't bills or advertisements they were goodies for me... You see I knew that the square one was from a lovely lady by the name of Vivian from http://www.vivs-whimsy.blogspot.com/ ...I won a contest that she was having at her blOZ & my name was picked by one of her felines (kitties)... I was speechless, my prize came beeautifully package with a lovely card and a tag attached to it...inside beefore my eyes was the sweetest looking bee looking back at me... Viv created this little honey of a gal especially for me and she is so CUTE ~ I LOVE her...Viv hand felted the little one and she is standing on a pin cushion with a pretty pink flower growing beeside her...OMG she is too adorable... Thank you sooo much Viv ~ everything was special to me down to the little chocolate bunny ;O)

But wait that's not all, the other package was a surprise from my friend & pal ~ Mz. Sal aka Sallianne of Art is....YOu inside of the package was the magazine Somerset Life ~ I sooo love this magazine... Since I'm not able to get out and about I haven't gotten my fix of magazines...this little surprise was right up my alley, as soon as I finish this post I am going to sit down and get INSPIRED by all the creations & ideas it has inside... thanks Sallianne, this will really get my creative mojo flow going .... love it ;O)

I did get one more surprise... but this surprise came yesterday and it came at the perfect time... it was from Wanda of http://www.ratpajamas.blogspot.com/ ~ I purchased a few goodies from Wanda but inside my package she added a gift for me that spelled out "hONeY cOmB cOTtaGe"..... thanks Wanda it was a little surprise that got me in a big way... ;O)

You see, I made a decision that changed a great and loving thing that was beestow on me in October... my dREaM "hONeY cOmB cOTtaGe" was named as the charity for the Art Retreat that two SUPER GALS by the names of Ellen & Sal (yes the Sal from the paragraph above) who host  "Art is ....You" ( if you get the chance to get away & want to create, this is the place to bee tell them that mIzZ bEe sent you) ......you see they saw the dREaM in me and put their FAITH & heARTs into my dREaM... I can't tell you how I felt and how I still feel now about these lovely and caring chick-a-dees...I am honor to call them my friends... but I hit a few bumps and a pot hole or two in my path of LIFE and I wasn't able to put my best foot forward on my dREaM... so I asked the gals if it would bee alright with them if I could switch their generous gift over to a wonderful charity called "Sarah's House" 

Ellen. Sal, Colleen & I had the pleasure of meeting a caring gentleman by the name of Stan who was assisting/helping at "ARt in the Rough" ~ hosted by the lovely couple Taryn & Scott of Navel Jelly Studios...you see Stan lost his wife to the drended disease of cancer... this home would help souls who have this disease...  I knew it was the right thing to do.... I know it is, beecause you see I lost MANY to this disease... two especially special people it took from me was my MOM and my AUNTIE (who was my guardian that raised me after my dad & mom passed away...) I also lost my mom's dad & mom, my dad's dad & brother & more family & friends too...  as I type this, tears are welling up in my eyes and I know I need to finish this soon ... I only wish the BEST in Stan's Dream in building "Sarah's House".... I've been told that Sarah means Sunshine, I think that is a sign in itself that this House is from Heaven above.... not to worry, I am NOT giving up on my dREaM ~ its just on hold... I have FAITH & heART that it will come TRUE...beecause you see God place in my LIFE two lovely ladies who might bee angels in disguise sent by my MUM & Auntie, their names our "Ellen & Sallianne" and I blessed to call them my friends....and I know God will lead me to path that I will go to see my dREaM bEe... ;O)

Thank you all!! for all my lovely gifts they ALL are special to me...

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams...