Thursday, March 31, 2011

a liTtLe heART & aRt aDdED tO aN oLD tOoL bOx ~ Day 24

The beeauty is in the eye of the beeholder...

What might have look like an old rusty tool box beecame a collage of art & dreams to me

look inside and you made see a little part of me ;O)

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams

Bold Feista Flowers To Wear Can Spring bEe in the Air ~ Day 23

 This was actually yesterday's post that I never back to write about... but better to bee late than never...  I actually started this necklace awhile ago at a class taught by the wonderful & talented Pam Huntington which was taught at the Homestead... I got to create & play with a wonderful group of gals that were in awe just like me of Pam's creativity... Pam also taught us how to make a little scene of a bird on a branch with a nest that was ohhh soo sweet (mine is displayed in my parlor with all my other bird treats) 

As an added bonus, Pam taught us how to make these lovely flowers...  One of the grouping of flowers I made was a bracelet that will be shown in another post when I start & finish an embroidery bee I'm putting on it... but these flowers you see weren't finished either, so I tac them all together and sew them on to the ribbon necklace that Pam provided us with.. Then what would a flower bee without a bee on I added a tweek of crochet lace & the bee to the middle flower and "shazzzamm presto bingo"

Just a little hint to the Royal Gals of "Adorned Crown" ...a crown wouldn't bee as precious as it could bee without a variety of flowers to see... yes I must say flowers, Royal Teas & Spring are definitely in the air.....

Will be back with another post ...hmmmm can it bee I might have caught the bug of creativititus....if so I hope it lingers on for a very very long time ;O)


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Young At "heART" and the Boot

It is I by the boot, many many manyyyy years ago... It was one of many trips that my mom took my brother Tommy and I on....If I'm not mistaken this was taken at the "Land of Make Beelieve" were young and old would go and all felt young at heART when they were there...

Today I took a mini trip to see the foot doctor about my right leg that is mending....thinking that I'm also at the finish line on road to my recovery... but was told that I still have a way to go...and that's not all I had to have another walking boot put on my foot again... 

Things happen for a reason and I really think that this fall follow by the cast then follow by the mend which is now being follow the boot is a blessing in disguise.  Not sure what it is, but one thing for sure is that I've been creating awfully a lot since I've been home at the hive with it getting better... Plus I've had the time to deal with a lot of things that have been going on in my life which needed to be dealt with that I never had the time to do and now I do...

So without further a do, if you are stopping by for the first time or if you are a frequent visitor to the hive and following Jen Osborn "What are you up to today?" you can say that I am busy getting on the road to wellness and I am creating some that I will show later tonight on my blOZ...just wanted folks to know that I'll bee back around to show what might bee...beecause I need to finish my day 22 "daily dose of vITaMiN bEe" for the 365 day Creative Journey Journal....

I hope you get the chance to stop by later and while you're here please leave a comment or two they are always greatly appreciated...

I'll bee back, Marlene ;O) xox

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learn Your aBEEc's & 123's on a Queen Bee Ornament Made By Me ~ Day 21

Today's post is my first "mini" tutorial on my blOZ... I hope that you like it.... its something I whip up for today's "365 day daily dose of bEe creative journey journal"...  Please leave a comment and tell me what you think...  It truly would bee greatly appreciated by me.... ;O)

Materials Used ~

Stick On Gold Glitter Paper
I "Q" Letter Form
I Egg Shape Styrofoam
! Ball Shape Styrofoam
2 Sheets 6 inch Square of Yellow Tissue Paper
1/3 yd of Black Ribbon
3 Felted Black Leaves
Silver Sequin Bendable Twigs
Pins with Black Tips
Fabric Tac Glue

Place "Q" onto gold glitter sheet.  Cut around shape of Q and inside of Q ~ press Q down to secure Q is on stickie sheet.  I only did one side if you want you can do both sides... Put to the side and continue to make bee.

Take egg shape styrofoam and cut down straight in the middle of egg ~ do the same with the styrofoam ball...  Take yellow tissue paper and wrap around the body half back sure that all the ends meet in the back of body, put down a little fabric tac glue on back and press tissue paper down pin the tissue paper into place too...  Cut three ribbons one for the top, middle & bottom make sure that the ribbon meets in the back on each row dab of fabric tac and a pin to hold into place for each indivdiual row.  Place part of the black felt leave so the point is sticking out to look like the stinger of the bee dab of fabric tac and 1 or 2 pins to hold into place.  For the head of the bee fabric tac the back of the two remain felted black leaves on head so to cover the top part of the stryofoam ball, pin into place.  Take one pin and put through the back of head on the bottom so that the pin comes through dab fabric glue on the top of the bee body and stick the pin from the head to were the glue is ~ hold the head and the body together so that the pin stays in place and the glue takes hold... 

For the wings form the two silver sequin twigs like the shape of a curve part of the letter B.  At this part take your scissors and make two holes on each side of the bee so that the twig can be inserted put a little bit of fabric tac were the holes are and place the ends of the each twigs into their side were they're holes are. Hold until they are secure.  For the antennas on the bee head place two pins on the top of the head with the black tip tops to look like antennas..

Now that your finish with the bee you can now glue the back of the bee onto the Q to secure it you can put a pin through the back of the Q so that it goes into the bee....  Then this part is up to you whether want to make it into an ornament or a necklace like Mr. "T" wears from the "A Team" sitcom...see above photo ;O)

Well that's it, I hope that you liked my tutorial....keep on the look out you never know when another might buzzzz along...

Have a honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Traveling Along With A Favorite Song & My Creative Traveling Art Luggage ~ Day 20

 It's been a very creative day, I must say.... but it actually started yesterday... this suitcase you see beefore your eyes was gesso so that I could have fun with it today...since gessoing anything can take up to 24 hours to settle I figure let me get a jump start on it...

I decided to take a before and after picture to let you see the steps I took to get it to look whimsical to me....I still have outlining to do on it and fixing some oops mistakes that I made, but overall I think it came out in a whimsical way and I think I'm going to like using it as a traveling art case....wanted to line the inside with different fabric and make slots for brushes, paints, tools, paper and things to go... will show you the beefore and after pictures of that also, since the inside is NOT a pretty site...

That's were my creative energy took me a place where a suitcase is at hand... I took a couple of more pictures of my "Queen Bee" Figure too cause the lighting is so much better today...will be doing a little of adding more tonight on to it... well I better bee on my way...

 Have  a honey of a night ~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 19 Figures Come & Go It's Whats Inside That Counts

"qUeEN bEe rOYaL figUrE"
still a work in progress
Well I started the day, with all intentions that I was going to finish my Creative bEe Journey Journal by the end of the day....NOT ~ it seems that things were not coming together at first, but once the creative flow started moving my back wasn't going to cooperate... I think with my leg mending & I'm trying to move around more, I'm shifting my weight onto my good leg...Which kind of through my back out of wack...but I have faith that it will bee find by tomorrow..

So back to my "Self" figure...I've been wanting to do this for some time...I decided that this would bee the perfect see I am in a swap called "Adorned Crown Swap" its a swap were a bunch of us "Royal Gals" are making embellishments that will go on all the other gals crown... so I said to myself, a crown should have a place to bee displayed when not beeing worn.... That's when I decided that my half mannequin figure would bee the perfect place.....what more can I say but this had to bee the "Queen Bee" figure to display should a "Royal Crown" ... With ALL of it precious jewels that are beeing send from near & far it had to bee special.... 

When the time comes, and I receive all my jewels, I will make it a point to wear my best and open all my packages ~ than let the fun beegin with the assembling of my crown with all its precious embellishments.... There will bee mini cermony for this royal affair, so please come and join me for a cup of "Royal Tea"  Come and enjoy with me all my treasures to see ~

I will be posting more pictures of my "Queen Bee" figure as I go along...but today is the day ~ day 19's entry that it will be counted for in my 365 day bEe Creative Journal journey....

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams!

PS Check up close & you will see the bEes that are on the figure of the "qUeEN bEe" .. .. ..

the bEeKEePeR ~ Day 18 & an early glimpse of Day 19

"tHe bEeKEePeR"
As I was creating today's daily dose of bEe (you can catch a glimpse of it through the doorway)I forgot that I didn't post about yesterday's dose of bEe.... So here she is "tHe bEeKEePEr oF hONeY cOmB cOTtaGe" she was created by me in a class I took at "Art is.. ..U" which was taught by Taryn of is a great teacher, actually there is a part of project that I created in anotjer class that she taught at her art retreat "Art in the Rough" in's a chain link swag with all items that you wanted to add to it I added yes you guess, it things to do with bEes and homes.... 

Back to "tHe bEeKEePEr" I wasn't completely finished with her, so I added on more items to her and "BINGO" it was the bEes that I added & the honeycomb tile...I think she turned out as "sWEeT aS cAN bEe"....just wish her head gear would stay on...

Well I'm off to finish my other creative project...bee back later...

"what do we see beyond the door....
but a glimpse of day 19 I'll bEe back with some more ~ "
 Marlene ;O)

Friday, March 25, 2011

a lITtLe pIEcE oF mY jOuRnEY, bEe aLL tHaT yoU cAN bEe ~ Day 17

"a lITtLe pIeCE oF mY jOuRnEY
bEe aLL tHaT yoU cAn bEe"

Have a hONeY of a nIGht ~ sWEeT dREaMs

Thursday, March 24, 2011

As sweet as it could bee for now ~ Day 16

"bEeFOrE mY eYEs wHaT dO I sEe bUT a bANnER pUT tOGeTHeR bY mE"

I'm making this short and sweet...what I wanted to show what I was creating wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to bee... so I said to myself ~ there is something that I created that I am very proud of ~ is my blOZ banner... I've buzzzz on by a few hives here and there and saw banners that I love but couldn't make or do so I thought the format that I did came out just fine to fit my little day I will bee able to accomplish what I see in my mind but for now I have the sweetest banner around to me ;O)

Have a hONeY of nIgHT ~ sWEeT dREaMs!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mini of QbEeC ~ Day 15

"mInI of QbEeC"

Have a hONeY of a nIGhT ~
sWEeT dREaMs.. ..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bee true to you ~ day 14

"bEe trUe 2 yoUrSElF"

this little gal I created for a coarse I took...there will bee many more to come... I love the creating process ~ if you like to take this coarse in April please go to the She Art Workshop and tell Christy that Marlene sent you...

I would also like to take this time to say "Thank You" to all of you, who stop by my hive, just to fly by or even to say "HI" & leave a means a lot to me.. .. ..  you gals & guys really brighten up my day ;O)

Have a hONeY of a nIgHT ~ sWEeT dREaMs.. .. ..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Royal Tea & a hONeY cOmB cOoKiE ~ Day 13

"Will you join me for a Royal "Tea" &
a hONeY cOmB cOoKiE? so sayeth the Queen"
Have a hONeY of a nIGhT ~ sweet dreams!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Is In The Air ~ a Full Moon Is In The Sky ~ And Books Are Everywhere ~ Day 12

Well spring as sprung here in New Jersey... it over all was a "bee"autiful day, but the coldness was still in the air.... I don't think Ole Man Winter wants to leave us yet, especially since there is snow in the forecast for Wednesday... That's okay because it was definitely spring inside at "Crazy Daisy Cottage"....

I decided to get some of my books to get into the spring & gardening mood... Also to get in the creative mood too...  I'm in a swap that has spring & flowers & things in it and I wanted to get some ideas... I grab a cup of tea (Raspberry Green Tea Delicious with a little bit of hONeY) and started searching away... it was a blooming idea to look and see what pop up at me...

Now that I'm in the Spring Mode and ready to create & dabble in my journal...I leave you with a bEe the little girl in the corner you see was made by me and is officially enter into day 12 of my "365 day Creative bEe Journal"... Hope you had some spring time fun today too...

Have a hONeY of nIgHT ~ sweet dreams!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

mIzZ aMEliA bEeHeART ~ Day 11 of 365 days of a Creative "bEe" Journal

"Stay tune for the "aDvENtUrES oF mIzZ aMEliA bEeHeART ~ coming to story book land soon"

Have a hONeY of a nIGhT ~ sweet dreams

Mr. & Mrs. aka Mom & Dad ~ March 19, 1960

"Uncle John, Aunt Judy ~ Mom & Dad"

Today's entry to my blOZ will bee about my mom and dad... On March 19, 1960 St. Joseph's Day, Marion Bridge Zelek and Thomas Michael Haveron were married at St. Casimir's Church in Newark, New Jersey... my dad was an Irish Lad and my mom was a young Polish Gal.. they were two young kids when they say their "I Dos" ...both were both and raised in Newark but dad moved to the rural farm area of Englishtown...

"Grandma & Grandpa Haveron ~ Mom & Dad"
My Mom had two siblings Judy and Joanne and my Dad had four siblings Patricia, John aka Jack, James aka Jimmy and Mary Ann.  Both were raised in the Catholic Faith.... there is much more to their story and I could go on....from the pictures I see of their wedding it seem that the day was beautiful just like today and the joy of all that were celebrating with them was shown through the pictures. There must have been so much that had gone on that day that pictures can't tell but there is no one to ask.

"Auntie aka Aunt Joanne, Mom, Dziu (grandpa) Aunt Judy"

 You see, my mom & dad didn't even make it to their third anniversary my dad passed away ten days before their 3rd mom was a strong gal at the young age of 21 with two young children I was going on three and my brother Tommy was going on two...she took care of us and loved us sooo much until the day she died on April 3 1968...

My vision of them at this moment is that they lived happily ever after and they are together in heaven above...their love is carry on, by my brother & me... I raised my cup of joe to them on their day and say "I love you ~ mom & dad and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love... because I know that you are watching me from heaven above"...

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Birds and the Bees, and the rObOT Make 3 For Tea & Me ~ Day 10 365 Day Creative Journal

It was definitely a gorgeous day today....warm, a light breeze, birds were chirping & singing a happy tune, while folks stay out till the sun went down... I can still here the birds chirping in my mind & the laughter that went through the air ~ ohhh how spring wants to so come out in her glory and we are all waiting for her with open arms... as I created today's bEe creative journey entry ~ I was reminded that a "sMiLE wILl kEeP tHe wRiNkLEs aWaY" so come on and "bEe hAPpY" & put a sMiLe on your face.... bEe as sweet as can bEe inside & out. . . .

Have a hONeY of a nIgHT ~ sWEeT dREaMs!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lil Miss Honey Stops By Again ~ Day 9

"lil' miss honey"
Yes...she is here again... She has stop by the hive again, beecause officially she hasn't been seen in the "365 day Creative Journal"... I must say I am truly smitten by her and how she came out... She always put a smile on my face...I hope she does the same for you...

Have a hONeY of a nIgHT ~ sweet dreams!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Windows to My World" Art Journal E-Zine That Opens to bEes & My Creativity - Day 8

Good Day all. . . . today started off with some rain but as I look outside through my art room window now, the "sun" is shining... I see so much that has been going on outside out of my little "crazy daisy" cottage... the signs of spring is in the air ~ little buds are sprouting up from the earth, birds are beginning to chirp a little louder & folks are hanging outside chatting for awhile because the weather is getting warmer... But for now I can only see the world outside from my window here since my leg is mending... I know like the weather my leg is going to get better...

Since we are able to access things from the computer 24/7, there has been another way that I've been seeing through windows...  It's "Windows to My World" ~ an online e-zine class that I'm taking that Teresa McFayden  from {My MiNuTia} is teaching....I've wanted to do art journaling for awhile but I always put it off for some reason don't ask me why(& I've taken other classes too)... Now that I've started I said to myself "Gosh what the heck took you sooo long to do this" since I've started I can say that I am hooked... I even started another journal that you saw the cover on, in an earlier blOZ post...  I can say that this is the beginning of many many more journals to come ~ won't you join me and start one it is a lot of fun!

Have a honey of a night ~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea At Four ~ Day 7

"a tEA cOzY tHaT wiLL kEeP a pOt of sWEeT tEa wArM 4 U & mE"

It's almost that time of night that you say "Good Night"...but I wanted to get this done so tomorrow I'll bee able to cover a pot of tea to keep it warm, for when we sit and have a cup of tea at four...

Have a hONeY of a nIGhT ~ sweet dreams!