Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mizz "V". Birthdays In Mind, My LAST Swap N" One Green Apple

This is off to a Gal who name starts with a "V"
It's a collage of a box for a swap that Amy of was hosting,
In the theme of *Birthdays*
This I might add is my second box... you see the first one I started wasn't the one for her.

Once I saw the box that Mizz "V" made me (see below)
I said to myself this isn't the one, I didn't think mine wasn't just right.
So back to drawing board I went and began another box.

this one took a longggggg time to finally be completed.
But I didn't stop there...
I said to myself ~ what's a Birthday Theme Swap without a party..
So again I went back to the drawing board..

Presto Bingo I made a cake (not a real one b/c it wouldn't travel well)
Then came the Party Hat which turned into a Birthday Tiara
What better place to store the Tiara but in a cake ;O)

I must say to U' all out there in blOZ & FaceBook Land,
that I LOVE my Birthday Theme Collage Box from Mizz "V"
With ALL the lovely details that she created for ME!
Even a teenie tiny "BEE" ;O)
It blows my mind to see ~ all the sweet little treasure that there are placed inside..

Oh, beefore I forget there are many more party treats
that are going to Mizz "V"... I didn't want to give all the surprises away,
You must stop by her blOZ to see
if she shows them to you on her blOZ at
I truly hope that she likes them too.

This little GREEN apple came from "MY" Grannie Smith Apple Tree
I planted it in honor of my "Auntie" Joanne Smith
when I first moved here which was nine years this past April...
It's a mighty fine tree & I can see more apples that will bee coming my way...

Auntie loved to make apple pies and bake...
This August 17th she would have been 65 years young..
We both cELeBraTeD our BIRTHDAYs on the same day..
I know that she is smiling from heaven above and thinking wouldn't that bee just grand in an apple pie, but instead I will bee making a mini apple crisp with it ;O)

Maybe by the 17th I'll have enough apples to make a very small pie;O)
adding a candle to a slice & singing 'Happy Birthday" to us...

Off to enJOY the rest of Sunday...
will bee back later with some more news...

Have a honey of a day ~
may sweet things come your way!

1 comment:

vivian said...

mizz bee! my oh my! you have outdone yourself! these are all so sweet, I cant wait to receive them. Just so you know.. I know that I wont be the least bit disappointed, so I hope that this swap wasnt the swap that made you decide to call it swapping quits! I know you struggled with it, which makes me feel bad! You do wonderful work and I know tht people love having you for a swap partner. with all that said, I have backed off on swaps myself. unless its someone I know well or Im hosting it myself. I just get myself over extended sometimes! anyways... youre a doll and I sooo hope I get to meet you in person sometime. I'm glad you like the box I made for you. I had so much fun putting it together for you!
I wish you hadnt had to stress so much over it, that surely takes the fun out of it. Much love to you girlfriend!
now relax and enjoy your afternoon!!