Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LeT'S tAKe FLiGhT ~n~ gIvE a hOoT & eEK oUt ~ A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party 2012 Will Be Here

hEy aLL yOu ~ bATs & oWLeTtEs!
gIvE a hOoT & eEK oUt aND
lEt'S tAKe FLiGhT...

wHY yoU aSK?
wELl tAKe a gUEsS...
iT's tHaT tIMe oF yEAr aGAiN..
tImE tO pUT oN oUr dUsT
& cOBwEbs aND bRInG oUT tHE tReATs ToO..

whEN yOU mIGhT aSK?
wElL OcToBEr 27th
tAKE a fLY by at www.afancifultwist.typepad.com
tO sCoUt & sEe wHO mIGhT bE aTTeNdIng
aLOnG wITh mE...
mAkE sUrE yoU tELl mIzZ "V" (vAnESsa) i sENt yoU...

tOoDleS nOOdLes ;O) xox

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