Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspire Company's NEW "Happy Birthday" Issue Will Beecoming Out This Afternoon...Let The Party Beegin!

It's almost here... The New "Happy Birthday" Issue of Inspire Company created by the sweetest gal around Amy Powers, ~ it will beecoming out this afternoon... This is an "Online" Magazine that will bee filled with ways to "cELeBrATe" your Big Day and others too...  I am honor to say that I was a part of this issue with a very large group of very talented gals... I've been celebrating ever since I knew that I was going to bee in the issue. 

So please stop by Amy's blog ( ) this afternoon and purchase your "Online Magazine" will definitely bee worth every penny~ a magazine that you can treasure for years to come and it will bee at your finger tips just by signing in to your computer what a fantastic way to read a magazine is online...

Have a honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way!


Heidi said...

Hi Marlene!
It's wonderful....the Birthday Issue and YOUR project, the flag! I'd love to try to make something like this, how cool! (I have a Paper Crown project in this issue!)
It's bEEn fun to find new people, like you, to meet via Amy Power's Inspired!

Ella said...

Congrats Marlene! I am so excited for you~ I have seen this issue and love what Amy gathers together for talent~ How wonderful!!!

vivian said...

I saw you in there and didnt I just see you in something else too? I have a couple of new magazines.. not sure which one, but I know I saw you! havent read it yet! I sitting here stuffing my face with popcorn and getting it all over the floor!
I started your swappy birthday box tonight!! so far so good!
sweet dreams