Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mum's the Word...

Happy Mum's Day to one & all!

Always remember your mum (I love the way mum sounds) - whether she is here on earth or in heaven above, your adopted mom, step mom, grandmom, aunt & Auntie, she will always be in your heart & a part of your life.....even though my mom, Auntie (guardian & BFF) & grandma are in earth above, I know that they have never left me - cause I carry a piece of them in my heart always & forever......

So in honor of them today, I will plant a "White Bleeding Heart" & I will purchase Daisies to grace my table because of their love of daisies & their love for me...

Have a honey of a day!
May Sweet Things Come Your Way ~
Happy MuM's Day too

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