Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall ~ WHERE is the Pinkest Room of Them All

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
WHERE is the Pinkest Room of Them All

Well for me it's at
"Crazy Daisy Cottage"
in my Teenie Tiny Throne Room
My Bathroom...

Yesterday was the day ~ that handsome gentleman Nick came to paint my teenie tiny bathroom... I picked a lovely shade of pink called "Sweet 16th" and all I can say is that I am very happy with it...

In keeping with events, today is "What are you up to today ~ Wednesday" ..Well I am going to bee in my bathroom which is a 2x2 room and since I am limited with things I can do since I am still wearing the lovely boot cast...  I've been bizzzy in finishing and adding some decorative touches... 

Lovely gal by the of Danielle Lortie Muller mentioned yesterday on face book that she wanted to wallpaper a wall with book pages but she was hestitated about it...well she ignited a little mini bulb in my mind with a plan...not only did she ignite the mini light bulb but another lovely gal by the name of Holly Mason Abston posted a quote by another lovely lady Audrey Hepburn "...I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls..."  and mine saying is "there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness" sooo I've decided to put the two together and decoupage my vanity ~

The vanity is old and I think its the perfect spot for a little movitational words for beefore we start the day or when we end the day... I'm going to decoupage uplifting sayings and such ~ I will take photos when it's said and done...well I'm off to tackle some more of the bathroom...

have a honey of a day ~
may sweet things come your way


Jenny Holiday said...

super super sweet!!! :) You our place..the bathroom is the one and only room that doesn't go sweets....well w it scratch that...salt water taffy counts as a sweet... ;)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love the pink! Your package should be arriving soon...can't wait to see the bathroom with your magical touch.