Monday, October 31, 2011

A dREaM and a Happy Halloween!

Today has finally came... just like many years before ~ October 31st same date but celebrated on a different day of the week.... all the Ghosts & Ghouls are in their best dress ~ some are funny, some are scary and others are a fairytale delight but know once the day comes to an end some will already bee dreaming of what they will bee for next year....dreams never stop...

This is the final entry pertaining to the three posts that came before thee... you see each post had a little of my likes, personality and a part of my dREaM... but tonight's post will take you to a little look of my home my tiny little 850 square foot cottage called "Crazy Daisy Cottage"....a safe haven for me as I started visualizing my dREaM becoming a reality... so with no further a dew, please sit and read a little caption of what my dREaM will be... and take in a small portion of my home.

"The Beginning of a dREaM"

                                  A year ago this October two gals that host an art retreat called "Art Is...You" beelieve
                                  in my dream and named "hONeY cOmB cOTtaGE" to be there charity for their art retreat in the
                                  year of the way their names are Ellen & Sallianne.  Well things didn't come together
                                  for me and I decided to past on their gift to another charitable organization called "Sarah's House"
                                  it's a home being built in Brewster Maine for families to stay while their child is under going
                                  cancer treatments (its similar to the Ronald McDonald House) Its being built by a man name Stan
                                  in honor of his wife Sarah who lost her battle to cancer.  You see I lost my mother to cancer too
                                  and I lost my dad to an accident, so I was orphan by the age of 7 years old.  I felt that i was also
                                  honoring my mom and my aunt who raise me who also die of cancer, by handing over the charity
                                  to "Sarah's House".

                                  I know that my dREaM will come true.. I had a feeling or you can say an epiphany ~ that its not
                                  about just a couple of girls, its to serve a help many.  My dream became clear to me and the true
                                  purpose of it.  I felt & heard that it will be a facility where young girls who are underprivileged,
                                  orphaned, abandoned, sick, black, white, oriental ~ the list could go on.. It's a place where they
                                  feel safe, important and special.  Where their creativity will help them heal, become stronger, and
                                  bring light into their world...where they will build friendships and sisterhood.  Where there is no
                                  discrimination, popularity contests or grading systems.  Where each and everyone is equal and
                                  where their opinion matters.  I twill be a hive buzzing with activity, creativity & sisterhood. 
                                  All this and more... Without further said, I would like to say that fron an art retreat, a dREaM was
                                  BORN... this dREaM is called "hIve sWEet hIve" a hoME bUzzIn wItH cREatIvIty...,,, My first
                                  first name for it was "hONeY cOmB cOTtaGe 2b"  but I decided that this special sweet place
                                  would be a hive of activity and that's where "hIve sWEet hIve" was born...

                                   The activity for this sweet place will have a large variety ~ from painting, paper doll making, ballet,
                                   baking, tap dancing, sculpturing, paper clay, fairy villages, jazz, mini gardening, sewing, crocheting
                                   paper mache, knitting, soldering, music, mosaics, puppet showers, journaling, tea parties, the list
                                   is endless.  To let them realize that there is more out there in the world other than a computerize
                                   world, artist/singers that aren't age appropriate, drugs, gang wars, abuse, hatred... just enJOYing
                                   being a child not growing up before their time.  A place where they can feel at ease and release their
                                   creativity and be who they want to be.  And this would be given to them for free.

                                   The book/journal has been started for "hIve sWEet hIve" I know that the journey will have it's
                                   bumps, potholes & tolls to pay but it will bee so WORTH it when we have reached our
                                   destination... In Jesus' name....Amen!

Well there you have it my dREaM release out to you... some might ask themselves why? I have this gut feeling that this is my purpose and I want to do it... I was blessed in many ways since I was little I would love to now in return bless others...  so if there are any of you out there in blOZ land that is reading this, I ask for your advise, any suggestions on what I can do and so other... Have any of you taken a journey like mine?  Can you give a girl a few pointers to move her along her way on her journey. 

This will not only help many but it will help me to... its true to the saying "Art Saves Lives" well it will help save young lives and to save mine too... 

As for the prize that I spoke about it, will be disclose tomorrow... with all the bad weather we had this weekend I could not get to were I had to go to pick up some of the treats, so please forgive me, but I promise you will not bee disappointed.  I hope you enJOY my post and photos and I ask you for your prayers for my journey... 

Well all that can be said now is... ~ Good Night Blog Land Good Night~

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs!


beverly h said...

Thank you, Marlene, for sharing your dream... I hope it comes true!


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Miss Marlene you Have a Huge Caring Heart ,I hope all your dreams come true XOXO

rachelsmith133 said...

What a wonderful dream to have. I sincerely hope it all goes well for you and the girls that would benefit from it.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marlene!!
Never give up on your dreams!!! No matter what!!;-)
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!! I ate way too much candy!! UGH!!!
OH!! You have been TAGGED!! you have to go to my blog to see what to do next!!! heeehhee!!!

mycreativeheart said...

Your dream will come true. Keep beeleiving! said...

Hiya doll!! Ooo, you have got some serious treasures.. What's that I spy in there, oh and there, oh oh, and there? ;)

I wanted to stop into your pad and get cozy. I see a Halloween post, back in time.... And I am so gald that is up. It inspired me, reminded me of Halloweeeeen and all the magic!! oooo ooooo!!!
You are lovely!