Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gyspy PhoebEe Rose .... Part II of A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party

My name is "Gyspy PhoebEe Rose"
I am as sweet as honey.
I am a child at heART,
And always will bee...
Plus I'm a little wacky, artsy & shy too
That's just me...

You see I'm different in many ways
I'm not perfect I must say..
But that's okay
I just like being me...

I know that time during the year
especially around Halloween
its a  purple & black
kind of world...
I myself am more of a pink & green
kind of girl...

So that's why my cottage
is not so dark & scarey
It's inviting to one & all
even the Autumn fairies...

Scatter around my cottage
are some friends of mine
who are different too
like me & you

They want to blend in with everyone
and bee treated fair...
Who need a place to call home
Feel safe & know that someone cares..

I'm not your ordinary gyspy
as you can see..
I cannot not tell the future
or cast spells...
but I have a heART that is filled with love
for everyone...

I also make wishes upon the stars
love things that come in threes
but most of all
I beelieve in dREaMs...

So it will be told
of one that I hold in my heART...
one that will become
a reality for me..

Never give up on your dREaMs too..
let them rest upon wings in order to fly
So one day they will come true
for you...


Magical blesses
to each & everyone!


rachelsmith133 said...

Ahhhh how lovely. I loved your pictures, they have a magical glow to them. :-)

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Gypsy PhoeBEE Rose ..lives in a lovely cottage of pink and green ..she Has Art in her Soul.. Marlene fantastic & dreamy photos and a wonderful story .Hugs Heather xoxo

beverly h said...

Love your pictures and your story!

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