Monday, February 21, 2011

"pRIceLeSS jeWEls to mE" ~ Day 8

Well you're back for some more "vITaMiN bEe". . .  I'm hoping you've liked what you have seen this past week/   From stories beeing told, to meeting some old & new friends & we can't forget a valentine too. .  I'm having a honey of a time trying to bring a dose to you everyday. . . these doses are not only good for you, they're giving me a lot too, their entries are making me look & write in a different way.  I'm won't keep you much longer ~ I'll make this short and sweet ~ the jewels you see are not diamonds, pearls or rubys but know that they are all ":pRIceLeSS" to me...  Now check & see if there are any bees in the mix.  I know that you won't get just one dose of "vITaMiN bEe" maybee two or three...  enJOY their beauty!

Have a hONeY of a dAy ~ may sweet things come your wAy!
Marlene aka mIzZ bEe. . . . . .

"pRIceLeSS jeWEls to mE"

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