Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Repeat After Me... to bEe is a pOSsiBLe tHiNg... Day Three

Helooo... vITaMiN bEe can bee a lot of fun . . . .if you let it bee & it can bee what you want it to bee.. .. .. .. my bEe thing is a dose of "cREaTIviTy" everyday for the next 362 days left.. .. .. .. all the signatures on this apron are of woMEn that are artistic/creative in many different ways and I am proud to say that "I AM ONE of them  ~ it is ME who is a part of these creative woMEn" I can bee ME in all that is possible by just beeing ME... 

Have a hONeY of a dAy ~ may sweet things come your way ~
Marlene aka mIzZ bEe
"tHe cREaTiVE sTorIEs tHIs aPrON cAn TelL wOUld bEe a dREaM"

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