Monday, April 11, 2011

weLL heLlO dOiLy ~ iT's sO nIcE tO sEE yOU wHerE yOU bEe LoNG ~ days 34 & 35 two posts in one

Today's post on the "dAiLY dOsE of vITaMiN bEe" ...will bee two doses & an added doodling too...  my computer has been acting up alot lately... and last night when I was beginning to down load the picture on the left ~ the computer froze...after beeing patient at first and then beecoming upset that it still wasn't moving, (by this point it was almost 11:50 pm) I decided to call it a night...  well here is what was causing the freeze... its a pin made out of a doily, a piece of fabric, a button & bean, small crochet circle, little netting and yes a bEe...a little flower pin to wear on a spring day...

Now onto today's post... its the making of a wrist corsage like the ones that you wore back in the day...I remember getting one for my "sWeET 16 bIRtHdAY" it was too adorable & sweet and it was given to me by my "Auntie" who also celebrated the same birthday as mine (August 17th)... I was making a tutorial on how to make one...but I'm a little stuck, you see the one that my Auntie got for me had sugar cubes on it with a bee and sweet roses & some baby's breath too... that white block in the corner is a cube of styrofoam that I want to cut and make look like sugar cubes (cutting into small squares ~ dipping into mod podge and then sprinkling clear & white glitter) not sure if this is going to look right but I'll have to take a chance ~ do you by chance have any suggestions...  not only does the wrist corsage have a bee it has three ;O)

Now I'm ending the post with my doodling notes, I so love this little calico cat inspecting the butterfly who is inspecting him while all the time the sun is checking them out too while a little bEe buzzzzz on by...

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams!

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