Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 19 Figures Come & Go It's Whats Inside That Counts

"qUeEN bEe rOYaL figUrE"
still a work in progress
Well I started the day, with all intentions that I was going to finish my Creative bEe Journey Journal by the end of the day....NOT ~ it seems that things were not coming together at first, but once the creative flow started moving my back wasn't going to cooperate... I think with my leg mending & I'm trying to move around more, I'm shifting my weight onto my good leg...Which kind of through my back out of wack...but I have faith that it will bee find by tomorrow..

So back to my "Self" figure...I've been wanting to do this for some time...I decided that this would bee the perfect see I am in a swap called "Adorned Crown Swap" its a swap were a bunch of us "Royal Gals" are making embellishments that will go on all the other gals crown... so I said to myself, a crown should have a place to bee displayed when not beeing worn.... That's when I decided that my half mannequin figure would bee the perfect place.....what more can I say but this had to bee the "Queen Bee" figure to display should a "Royal Crown" ... With ALL of it precious jewels that are beeing send from near & far it had to bee special.... 

When the time comes, and I receive all my jewels, I will make it a point to wear my best and open all my packages ~ than let the fun beegin with the assembling of my crown with all its precious embellishments.... There will bee mini cermony for this royal affair, so please come and join me for a cup of "Royal Tea"  Come and enjoy with me all my treasures to see ~

I will be posting more pictures of my "Queen Bee" figure as I go along...but today is the day ~ day 19's entry that it will be counted for in my 365 day bEe Creative Journal journey....

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams!

PS Check up close & you will see the bEes that are on the figure of the "qUeEN bEe" .. .. ..

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