Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Windows to My World" Art Journal E-Zine That Opens to bEes & My Creativity - Day 8

Good Day all. . . . today started off with some rain but as I look outside through my art room window now, the "sun" is shining... I see so much that has been going on outside out of my little "crazy daisy" cottage... the signs of spring is in the air ~ little buds are sprouting up from the earth, birds are beginning to chirp a little louder & folks are hanging outside chatting for awhile because the weather is getting warmer... But for now I can only see the world outside from my window here since my leg is mending... I know like the weather my leg is going to get better...

Since we are able to access things from the computer 24/7, there has been another way that I've been seeing through windows...  It's "Windows to My World" ~ an online e-zine class that I'm taking that Teresa McFayden  from {My MiNuTia} is teaching....I've wanted to do art journaling for awhile but I always put it off for some reason don't ask me why(& I've taken other classes too)... Now that I've started I said to myself "Gosh what the heck took you sooo long to do this" since I've started I can say that I am hooked... I even started another journal that you saw the cover on, in an earlier blOZ post...  I can say that this is the beginning of many many more journals to come ~ won't you join me and start one it is a lot of fun!

Have a honey of a night ~

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Teresa said...

Oh that is a beautiful journal cover!!! Love how colorful you made it. The colors just pop on against the black!!