Sunday, March 13, 2011

"A Tribute To A Friend"

"best friend forever & a day"
Joanne (Zelek) Smith "Auntie"
August 17th, 1945 ~ April 23, 1994

Good Morning All....

Since early this morning, I've had my Aunt ~ Joanne Zelek Smith aka "Auntie", on my mind.  Not sure why, maybe because its close to her death anniversary or that its the Lenten season or just because.  My Aunt was loved by many not because she was my aunt but because she was a true caring, loving, kind soul and a true beeliever/follower of God.  When you hear the saying "Open door policy" this was true about her.  Her door to her heart was always open..  She open up herself to whoever came to her for help ~ it didn't matter what the color of your skin was, or how rich or poor you were, if you were a genius or not book smart, sick or healthy, young or old, family or stranger, Polish or Irish, Jew or Catholic, two legged or four legged, her door was always open...her door was opened 24/7, 365 days a year...she had a heart of gold ~

She lost so much at a young age... her mother and both sisters Judy & Marion (my mom) all past away before she was 23 years old.  That is when her open door policy began (I think).  At the YOUNG age of 22 years & 8 months old she was given the custody of taking care of my brother Tommy and myself.  With her by her side was my Uncle Ray & my Grandfather (Dziu) who were our three guardians.  She never complained, cried or whined she step in and took control of what was bestow upon her.  She could have ran and hide... but no she stood with pride and guided my brother & I until the day she died.  Joanne did many many things for others that none of us knew about she never ran to the top of the mountains & shout it out she kept it in her heart, mind & soul till she left this earth to bee with God.  From what I remember of her wake/funeral you would have thought she was royalty or a famous person.  People came from all walks of life to bid a kind soul good-bye...

The thing I miss the most was my friendship that I had with my aunt... she was in every word the sense a "BFF" best friend forever... I could tell everything and anything to her. She was there for everything I did whether it was smart or dumb she stood by my side.  She always had my back.  I was born on her birthday and always felt that there was a special bond between us... not only was she my aunt ~ she was my second mom, BFF & guardian... I don't think I'll ever find another to replace her shoes in my life ~ the imprint that she has left on my heart will never bee filled by another. 

So at the age of 50 yrs young, I've finally come to realize its not what you wear, or who you know or if you have not a dime in your pocket or are rich, or if have ten best friends or none, or if your book smart or just have plain common sense....its what counts in your heart & soul and the imprint that you leave on others by just beeing yourself & no one else... you are who you are and bee the best that you can to make this world a better place... because all that we have is just this moment ~ so Live it to fullest that you can ~ In Jesus' Name...Amen

Have a  honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way
Grace, Peace, Joy, Love & many blessings 2 U all,
God Bless!

"God is God, God is Good, to God be the Glory!" Amen. . .


Nest Feathers and Twine said...

amen, sweetie, amen....

Nini~ said...

Your Auntie and Mother would be very proud of the person you've become, you definitely have adopted your Aunt's open heart!