Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learn Your aBEEc's & 123's on a Queen Bee Ornament Made By Me ~ Day 21

Today's post is my first "mini" tutorial on my blOZ... I hope that you like it.... its something I whip up for today's "365 day daily dose of bEe creative journey journal"...  Please leave a comment and tell me what you think...  It truly would bee greatly appreciated by me.... ;O)

Materials Used ~

Stick On Gold Glitter Paper
I "Q" Letter Form
I Egg Shape Styrofoam
! Ball Shape Styrofoam
2 Sheets 6 inch Square of Yellow Tissue Paper
1/3 yd of Black Ribbon
3 Felted Black Leaves
Silver Sequin Bendable Twigs
Pins with Black Tips
Fabric Tac Glue

Place "Q" onto gold glitter sheet.  Cut around shape of Q and inside of Q ~ press Q down to secure Q is on stickie sheet.  I only did one side if you want you can do both sides... Put to the side and continue to make bee.

Take egg shape styrofoam and cut down straight in the middle of egg ~ do the same with the styrofoam ball...  Take yellow tissue paper and wrap around the body half back sure that all the ends meet in the back of body, put down a little fabric tac glue on back and press tissue paper down pin the tissue paper into place too...  Cut three ribbons one for the top, middle & bottom make sure that the ribbon meets in the back on each row dab of fabric tac and a pin to hold into place for each indivdiual row.  Place part of the black felt leave so the point is sticking out to look like the stinger of the bee dab of fabric tac and 1 or 2 pins to hold into place.  For the head of the bee fabric tac the back of the two remain felted black leaves on head so to cover the top part of the stryofoam ball, pin into place.  Take one pin and put through the back of head on the bottom so that the pin comes through dab fabric glue on the top of the bee body and stick the pin from the head to were the glue is ~ hold the head and the body together so that the pin stays in place and the glue takes hold... 

For the wings form the two silver sequin twigs like the shape of a curve part of the letter B.  At this part take your scissors and make two holes on each side of the bee so that the twig can be inserted put a little bit of fabric tac were the holes are and place the ends of the each twigs into their side were they're holes are. Hold until they are secure.  For the antennas on the bee head place two pins on the top of the head with the black tip tops to look like antennas..

Now that your finish with the bee you can now glue the back of the bee onto the Q to secure it you can put a pin through the back of the Q so that it goes into the bee....  Then this part is up to you whether want to make it into an ornament or a necklace like Mr. "T" wears from the "A Team" sitcom...see above photo ;O)

Well that's it, I hope that you liked my tutorial....keep on the look out you never know when another might buzzzz along...

Have a honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way!


vivian said...

oh miss bee!!! guess what? You would bee a winner on my bloggy! picked by one of my sweet kitty's! I was only going to do one giveaway, but we got carried away. And now I'm glad because I only had one thing made for one person and since there are two winners I have to make something else beesides! so send me your address and I will whip a special little something easterbeeish for you!
I wsa glad to see you won!

michelle renée bernard said...

This is fabulous! You are doing a fantastic job on this blog and all this creating. I love it!