Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bold Feista Flowers To Wear Can Spring bEe in the Air ~ Day 23

 This was actually yesterday's post that I never back to write about... but better to bee late than never...  I actually started this necklace awhile ago at a class taught by the wonderful & talented Pam Huntington which was taught at the Homestead... I got to create & play with a wonderful group of gals that were in awe just like me of Pam's creativity... Pam also taught us how to make a little scene of a bird on a branch with a nest that was ohhh soo sweet (mine is displayed in my parlor with all my other bird treats) 

As an added bonus, Pam taught us how to make these lovely flowers...  One of the grouping of flowers I made was a bracelet that will be shown in another post when I start & finish an embroidery bee I'm putting on it... but these flowers you see weren't finished either, so I tac them all together and sew them on to the ribbon necklace that Pam provided us with.. Then what would a flower bee without a bee on I added a tweek of crochet lace & the bee to the middle flower and "shazzzamm presto bingo"

Just a little hint to the Royal Gals of "Adorned Crown" ...a crown wouldn't bee as precious as it could bee without a variety of flowers to see... yes I must say flowers, Royal Teas & Spring are definitely in the air.....

Will be back with another post ...hmmmm can it bee I might have caught the bug of creativititus....if so I hope it lingers on for a very very long time ;O)


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pamelahuntington said...

Oh, Marlene.. thnkds for letting me know .. these
are jut lovely!!